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Auf der Crowdfundingwebsite "Kickstarter" gibt es ein Kunstprojekt ("Conceptual Art") von Ilona Gaynor im Angebot:

Under Black Carpets, kickstart a bank heist.
by Ilona Gaynor

The design proposal, that sets out a plot to rob 5 banks located in downtown Los Angeles.The project will take form as an exhibition.

Hier gibt es auch noch einen Trailer

Hier kann man ja mit Fug und Recht fragen, warum dieses Projekt über Crowdfunding, die moderne Form der Wegelagerei der "Kreativen Klasse", finanziert werden muss, und sich die sonst so kunstbeflissenen Banken offensichtlich vornehm heraushalten?


Under Black Carpets is a speculative proposal for the design of a meticulously calculated bank heist of 5 banks that surround 'One Wilshire', located in downtown Los Angeles.

No. This is strictly a design / art project.

The exhibition of the work will be presented to the audience as a police investigation, detailing the remaining evidential material after the event has taken place, something that could be argued or challenged as material (evidence) in a court of law. The work itself will take form as sculptures, architectural models, technical drawings, films and photography. It will open as a solo exhibition (Special Project) at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale opening from Sep 12th - Dec 15th 2013.

You can get more info here and read the interview with Regine Debatty from WeMakeMoneyNotArt.


The project has already gone through an initial two years of research in various stages. The first year was supported and funded by the Ridley Scott Associates Residency award.

The first stages of work consisted the devouring of academic materials, context examinations and discussions with a variety of experts within the field of 'heist' crime. From Police commissioners, forensic scientists to criminal attorneys. I also broadened the research to look at a more diverse source of experts that could offer knowledge to serve as 'accomplices' to the project. Experts in fields ranging from security camera manufacturers, magicians, escape artists and vault crackers to demolitions experts, dog trainers and private investigators.
The latter stage of research took place in Los Angeles where by took part in advisory training simulations with the LAPD. This took place at the Los Angeles Police Academy, just East of Hollywood. The objective being to determine how police might respond to a robbery situation with recordings of response time, policy procedures, vehicle handling, civilian control and hostage negotiation.
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I will obviously not be heisting any banks for real. It is important to understand that this work is an artistic endeavour. The project aims to keep the proposal as something that's purely speculative.

I have been working on this project for a total of 2 years and the show is the concluding chapter of the work, so I'm really committed to finishing it, in a way that engages an audience inside this perfect exhibition space. It has been my main focus for 2 years and will continue to be until October.

The rewards will be the first thing I will tackle, once the campaign has ended.
I am a practicing artist and designer, whereby I am used to managing large and small budgets and meeting sharp deadlines. You can see more of my work here:

So far this project has been awarded the Ridley Scott Associates Residency in 2011 and the Art Center College of Design Summer Research Resident in 2012 - I am so close towards the finish line.

This Kickstarter campaign has been supported by Sidekick Creatives, they have helped me to build the campaign from scratch and advised on realistic delivery dates to minimise any unforeseen events. Their website:

Und was haben die GeldgeberInnen davon?

Pledge £100 or more
THE MIND. This pledge gets you an evidence piece pin to wear in etched stainless steel + the printed version of the book detailing all the research, interviews, plan of action of the robbery + your name credited in the book.

Pledge £150 or more
THE DRIVER. This one gets you a personal guided tour of the show + the printed version of the book detailing all the research, interviews, plan of action of the robbery + your name credited in the book.
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)

Pledge £250 or more
THE MAN OF ACTION. You will actually have YOUR PERSONAL NAME AS A CHARACTER IN THE PLOT. Your name will be used in the exhibition and in the book for one of the cop, witness or criminal + you will get a copy of the book.
Limited (29 of 30 remaining)

Pledge £500 or more

THE BOSS. Bank robberies are your business, and you like to collect trophies. You will receive a signed original A0 print + the printed version of the book + the 4 shooting targets + your name credited in the book.
Limited (4 of 4 remaining)

Pledge £3,000 or more
THE MASTERMIND. Yes, you are the mind behind the plan. With my deepest gratitude, you will receive a signed original artwork piece from the show + the printed version of the book + your name credited in the book.
Limited (1 of 1 remaining)

Es gibt auch die Möglichkeit sich mit geringeren Beträgen zu beteiligen ....

Further Information AGB

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