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Kirchner, Lawrence R.: Robbing banks. An American History. 1831-1999.
ISBN: 188511964X
Verlag: Da Capo Press

Auszug aus dem 1. Kapitel

Über den Autor:
L.R. Kirchner served with the U.S. military and then became an investigative journalist with ties to law enforcement agencies. He has also written Triple Crossfire (1993), a history of the famous Union Station Massacre. Currently he is a management consultant living in Kansas City, MO.

Verzweifelung und Gier sind nach Lawrence R. Kirchner die zwei zentralen Gründe für einen Bankraub.

Das ist dann doch etwas zu schlicht, wenn man politische Gründe, Arbeitsverweigerung, Abenteuerlust und ursprüngliche Akkumulation (Business-Gründung) außen vor lässt.

»The whys of bank robbing -- a Kansas City author says greed or desperation is behind most robberies «
(Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2001)

The Return of the American Bank Robber

"It conjures up images of eras long gone; of Jesse James and gangsters and getaway cars. But the old-fashioned bank robbery is back. From 1995 to 2001, the number of bank heists rose by 17 percent, according to the FBI. In small towns, bank robberies have risen by over 80 percent.
This hour, a look at the alarming rise in the number of American bank robberies. What is behind the trend and what can be done about it?"


In einee Radiosendung von "On Point"
  • William Rehder, retired 33-year veteran Special Agent for the FBI who's been acknowledged as the most experienced bank robbery investigator in the U.S., author of the upcoming book "211 Silent"
  • L.R. Kirchner, True Crime writer and author of "Robbing Banks: An American History 1831-1999"
  • Bruce Spitzer, Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Bankers Association
Über On Point:
"On Point is public radio's live evening news program - covering each day's important news developments and conducting conversations with newsmakers and thinkers from all around the world. The live, two-hour program is broadcast from 7-9 p.m. EST in Boston and is broadcast at various times on stations around the country. " AGB

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